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Hiraeth - A collection

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In “Marrying Winterborne” by Lisa Kleypas, we find these lines, which resonate with us most succinctly: 

Rhys absorbed that with chagrin. "No one has ever accused me of being a romantic," he said ruefully. 

"If you were, how would you propose?" 

He thought for a moment. "I would begin by teaching you a Welsh word. Hiraeth There's no equivalent in English." 

"Hiraeth," she repeated, trying to pronounce it with a tapped R, as he had.

"Aye. It's a longing for something that was lost, or never existed. You feel it for a person or a place, or a time in your's a sadness of the soul. Hiraeth calls to a Welshman even when he's closest to happiness, reminding him that he's incomplete."

Her brow knit with concern. "Do you feel that way?"

"Since the day I was born." He looked down into her small, lovely face. "But not when I'm with you. That's why I want to marry you.”

This is what Hiraeth means for us, more or less. And with it, we proudly announce Literary Impulse’s “Hiraeth Anthology”, the first of the many. We thank the contributors who made it and the others who honored us with their pieces. “Hiraeth” as an emotion is very close to us. It stays with us in thick and thin. We feel pride in giving something back to it. A few words about the contributors are as follows -

• Radha Kapadia is an introvert who breathes through the rhythm of the words that she writes.

• Sanka Rathnabarana is a writer, photographer, and aspiring non-fiction author. Writing philosophical short stories to seize the wonder of life and empower others.

● Kim McKinney is from North Carolina and loves travel, hot air balloons, and a delightful story.

● Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers , avid freelancer with multiple industry awards on a kaleidoscope of topics. Editor and top writer status on Medium. Shining light to lift others on their dream journey.

● Aimée Gramblin, top writer on Medium, is a poet and essayist with a nature-inspired memoir forthcoming.

● Paroma Sen has been writing stories since she was a child. Technology marketingis how she earns a living, but she reserves a part of her heart for poetry and shortstories. She's a Top Writer for poetry on Medium.

● Rebecca is a researcher exploring the evolution of sociality and cognition. She works with corvids in the UK. In her spare time we can usually find her writing poetry, sea-swimming or curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a book.

We like to think that it was a joyful experiment. We got some fantastic entries; we read them carefully, judged them together, felt like choosing all of them, but only seven we had planned.

We didn’t want to overdo. And we had to make some tough decisions. Only seven remained on paper, but in our hearts, all made a space.

We like to consider it an achievement.

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Hiraeth - A collection

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