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Andoumboulou / Vorfreude - A ShabdAaweg Anthology

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Dear readers/writers,

We are so engaged in doing things to achieve purpose of outer value that we forget the inner value, the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it is all about.

- Joseph Campbell

We read and saw how you folded the words Andoumboulou and Vorfreude in your stories and poems. We could see the many windows and the colours which you trapped in the pages. While we read, we got a glimpse of your inner life. It’s a meditation to be a writer and a poet and through your words we could feel that energy, that warmth from your part of the land.

Thanks a lot for sharing the beauty of your words with us. And thank you Lubna Yusuf for your prized illustrations, which do a commendable job of complementing the individual pieces.

Happy Scribbling,
Priyanka Srivastava
ShabdAaweg Review

This anthology contains the following pieces.


Draft: Rough and Written by Melissa Blanchard
A Tale Of Two Seeds by Paroma Sen
Sober Ebullience by Sylvia Wohlfarth
Wounded But Alive by Veronica Hough writing as Ora
Andoumboulou and Vorfreude by William J Spirdione
Cosmos the Sentinels and Sapients by James G Brennan


In the making by Viraji Ogodapola

Creative Non Fiction--

Enthusiasm is Survival by Jessica Lee Mcmillan 

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Andoumboulou / Vorfreude - A ShabdAaweg Anthology

1 rating
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