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Issue IX (Summer 2021) ShabdAaweg Review

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Dear Reader,

With half a year gone by, our hearts heavy yet unbearably light, welcome the season.

The year marked an onset of metamorphosis: Literary Impulse Magazine embraced a fresh identity and now calls itself ShabdAaweg Review. The magazine annihilated borders and constricted categories. Yet our goal never changed. We will strive and continue to bring about ‘a social change through creative endeavours.’

We collaborated with various poets to celebrate NaPoWriMo. Authors across the country and beyond overwhelmed us with their brilliant work. We fashioned themes: Salve, Logos, PurvaPaksha to name a few, so as to incorporate varied articles. The team expanded with newer talents. It was only a year ago that the initiative found its place in the literary world and looking back, the experience seems surreal.

I and all the members of The ShabdAaweg Review, congratulate all the selected writers. We wish them success in their creative endeavours. With this, I leave you to indulge in this, the Summer Issue.

Happy Scribbling,
Uzma Faiz


First Breath – Shane Brant

To my Father – Aicha Yassin

Akhmatova in Leningrad – Benjamin Balthaser

A Moment in Tripoli - Anand Raghavan

Where Time Goes – Stephen Mead

We’re like the autumn breeze- Despy Boutris

Latent Life - Sherin Bual

Geometry Of The External World - Gene Luetkemeyer

Hyleberia – Adam Hutchinson

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Issue IX (Summer 2021) ShabdAaweg Review

1 rating
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